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Spiritual Consulting

Consulting means to give information which help you to understand your problem and to find a useful way to manage it. So consulting has a focus on offering useful background information...

Spiritual Healing

Healing is the most demanding point. While consulting and coaching are a matter of a vital, healthy state, healing is a matter of people who suffer from serious problems like ...

Spiritual Coaching

Coaching is more comprehensive than consulting. It is normally the continuous support of you over a certain time on your way from A to B step by step...


Spiritual Healing and Consulting








Holistic Spiritual Training

Are you ready for the universal path of spiritual development?

In our present time all spiritual traditions have opened their doors to the public, to the spiritual seekers. What has been kept secret is now available for everyone. It is the time of personal and spiritual development, of initiation into the mysteries of God, mankind and creation. Besides religions and spiritual traditions we have the universal path, the core of all teachings, the path which all souls follow, the path which is hidden in the diversity of traditional schools. When you are ready to go beyond culture, tradition and religion then you should join us in the Sura Academy. We offer holistic spiritual training on highest universal standard, well-balanced and with best possible support. Meet likeminded, mature souls in our academy and enjoy real spiritual brotherhood. We live and celebrate the highest divine and human values! Learn more about the Sura Academy!

Are you interested in the mystic art of healing?

The mystic art of healing is the highest form of spiritual healing. It requires a refined, mature soul with a true spiritual attitude and a deep connection with God in love and light. Only then you can connect consciously to the source of life to pass on highest healing energy to the client in cooperation with the spiritual realms. Jesus is the most famous representative of this holy tradition. Healing through the Divine Spirit in the name of Divine Love and Compassion.

If you feel that it is your mission to serve mankind as a mystic healer then you can request to join the Sura Academy to undergo our training and initiation. Like Jesus said we are here to go out into the world to bring healing to those who suffer!


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